The Nanomaterials and Catalysis Lab is integrated by two research groups based in the University of Cádiz and focused on:

Electron Microscopy

The main goal is to address textural, chemical, nano-analytical and nano-structural characterization of materials based on particulated systems (catalytic, metallic, adsorbent, ceramic, nanoparticles, etc).


We are constantly applying new instrumental and methodological tools in the area of heterogenous catalysis and always are interested in new collaborations with other research groups as well as public or private institutions. For more information, please contact.

Recent Publications

A promoting effect of dilution of Pd sites due to gold surface segregation under reaction conditions on supported Pd-Au catalysts for the selective hydrogenation of 1,5-cyclooctadiene
Concepción, P., García, S., Hernández-Garrido, J.C., Calvino, J.J., Corma, A.
(2016) Catalysis Today 259, pp. 213-221

On the optimization of activated carbon-supported iron catalysts in catalytic wet peroxide oxidation process
Rey, A., Hungria, A.B., Duran-Valle, C.J., Faraldos, M., Bahamonde, A., Casas, J.A., Rodriguez, J.J.
(2016) Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 181, pp. 249-259


  • 7Nov'16

    PhD Student Position

    Position available under the research project lead by Dr Ana B. Hungría "DISEÑO Y CARACTERIZACION AVANZADA DE CATALIZADORES CON NANOINTERFASES MODELO Au//CeO2 "
  • 6Mar'17

    Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

    Congratulations to Dr Ana Belén Hungría who has been promoted to Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry.
  • 3Nov'16

    Full Professor in Inorganic Chemistry

    Congratulations to Prof Jose Antonio Perez Omil (aka Japo) who has been promoted to Full Professor in Inorganic Chemistry.


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