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Welcome to the 6th International Workshop on HR Management


The Business Management Department of Cádiz University and the Firm Economics Department of Pablo de Olavide University are pleased to announce that the VI International Workshop on Human Resource Management will be held in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, between 17th and 18th May 2007 in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication of Cádiz University.

 Leading academics from American and European universities, such as M. Hitt, A. DeNisi, L. Gómez-Mejia, D. Balkin, S. Dolan, S. Jackson, R. Schuller, A. Pettigrew, J. McGee, I. Gutierrez, P. Sparrow, M. Poole, J. Milkovich, S. Tyson, P. Wright, S. Snell, Lazear, P. Gunningle or S.Connella, have joined previous editions of this workshop as keynote speakers. In this case, we are happy to announce the participation of professors A.S. DeNisi (Tulane University), D. Lepak (Rutgers University),    C. Brewster (South Bank University) and P. Guningle (Limerick University) who will give interesting conferences about outstanding topics in our field of research. Previous workshops have always attracted the attention of many scholars and sessions normally resulted in really fruitful and interesting discussions.





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